Are you exhausted with the online business space?

Sick of having to become a performance monkey for the almighty algorithms?

Wondering why you end up looking at courses on Facebook Ads even though it’s the last thing in the world you want to do?

Feeling like building urgency into your launch with countdown timers, and open-and-close enrolments is just the price you have to pay to succeed and yet something thing in you quietly whispers “this doesn’t feel right”?

Or maybe you’re just getting started out and you’re overwhelmed by everything it feels like you have to figure out and get right. Reels, hashtags, lead magnets, and welcome email sequences. And then there’s all the software to choose from. Where do you host your email list? What website provide should you pick? And should you be starting a podcast?

Maybe I’ve been in this online biz space for too long. I’ve been running my business for almost 13 years and nothing changes. I mean sure it used to be that FB groups were the big thing, and then it was 5-day challenges, which turned into email funnel sequences, and now maybe it’s reels or whatever.

But it’s all the same. It’s all just feeding the capitalistic patriarchal machine.

And I don’t want to do it anymore.

The thing is, I really believe in you and your business. I believe that we need more of you doing good in the world, more thinking about what art you want to create, and less about how the electricity bill is going to get paid. I don’t think there’s anything wrong necessarily with all of these courses and resources that exist.

I’m just worried.

  • Worried that the marketing is getting really, really good at convincing you that you need these things.

  • Worried that the self-doubt about your ability to succeed is getting too loud and it keeps your frozen.

  • Worried that we’re creating cookie-cutter businesses that all look and act the same way and running them feels like shit.

I’m not promising I can help anyone make more money. I can’t promise success. All I can do right now is try to see if doing things differently can have a ripple effect. If I can shout “fuck you” loud enough at Instagram to make a difference.

And also I still have to ask the question of how do I give the middle finger to capitalism whilst also living in the middle of it?

I don’t have all the answers. I barely have one answer. But I do have an idea.

I want to disrupt the online business space.

I have this idea, this belief. That I can disrupt this industry and give you the education you need to start, market, and grow your business without it really costing you anything. So I want to try giving you everything I know about business for as little money as possible and seeing what happens (and I’m bringing in some friends into this project as well.)

I’m talking about courses, monthly q&as, coaching calls, and workshops. Do you want to know how to write a sales page? I’ve got you. Do you have a product-based business and want to know how to price your items? Well my dear friend Tara Swiger is swooping in to save the day.

These are courses that used to or could sell for $$$….but we’re just not doing that anymore.

I want to start asking WHY about literally everything to do with online entrepreneurship.

Think about anything you’ve been told about business. Where did it come from?

Take the idea that you need a beautiful, fancy webpage. Really? Do you? Or has Squarespace/Wix/Whatever spent one billion dollars to make you think that with their software you can launch your business and be as happy as those people in the ad.

When you start asking “why?”, really only a handful of things end up sticking.

  • You need to know who you’re trying to help. Not knowing them as some “ideal customer avatar” but knowing them as another human who has thoughts and feelings and desires.

  • You need to know what you care about, and what is at your core.

  • You need to talk about what you do so people know it exists.

  • You need to nurture the relationship you have with your business, your audience, and your creativity. (If you find yourself often caught up in the resentment of “I did the thing, why didn’t it work??? I posted on Instagram and no one bought so they must hate my thing.” then something has gone wrong there.)

  • You need to charge enough so you’re actually running a profitable and sustainable business.

  • You need to rest and take time off.

If you can master these, you’re going to see things start to shift.

I want to remove barriers to entry.

If you didn’t need to purchase any of the things you think you need to, if you just need a google doc and not a fancy website, if just a PayPal account will do instead of learning cart software…

What would you do then? What would you put out into the world?

I want to see what you’re keeping hidden away. Maybe you don’t feel it’s good enough. Maybe you think no one would want it. But if it lights you up inside and brings you joy…it needs to exist in this world. So let’s fucking get it out there.

Introducing: Subversive Business Society

What is SBS? Well it’s a monthly membership program….with a few twists.

What You Get When You Join:

  • Discord community
    You do not have to (and cannot) navigate this all alone. We’re all here to help each other and figure this stuff out together. Ask questions, let us know when your brain is being shitty, get feedback on an email you’re writing, and of course, celebrate with each other. You are not alone. Let us see and support you.

  • Library of courses
    Sometimes there are things you need to learn. So we’re building out a library of everything we know about running a business. Currently, we’ve got:
    - Chart Your Stars from Tara Swiger
    - Map Your Business from Tara Swiger
    - Pay Yourself from Tara Swiger
    - Budgeting for Profit from Joeli Kelly
    - More coming soon!!

  • Monthly events
    - We have weekly co-working, monthly coaching calls, feedback sessions, and fun hangouts! We’re also setting up monthly workshops to help you rest and manage your nervous system.

Come Be Subversive With Us:

You can choose from three pricing tiers. They all get access to the same stuff.

The starting point is $3 per month. This is your buy-in, your commitment to helping us start a cycle of change. The suggested price is $27 per month, and if you happen to be benefiting from the current systems and can afford to do so you can choose to pay $72 per month.

You do what feels right to you.

Who’s running this pirate ship?

At the helm: Joeli Kelly

Hi, I’m Joeli 👋

  • I started running my own business back in 2010 and entrepreneurship is the only career path I’ve ever known.

  • I’m the one resonsible for the copius amounts of “fucks” on this sales page.

  • I have way too much information stored in my brain about online courses, YouTube/Podcasting, and thanks to years and years of doing Instagram stories I can speak in almost perfect one minute thought chunks.

  • I’m also a certified life coach and self-belief coach so I know a lot about why our brains are fucking jerks and how to get them to stop.

  • These days I’m mainly a storyteller who quietly plots about Spreading Fire.

Keeping us on course: Di Cannone

This is Di!

  • She’s our head Accountability Coach and a big part of that is keeping my silly brain focused. And also running weekly co-working sessions and accountability check-ins. But mainly wrangling my brain. (She’s also completely supportive about the amount of fucks I have put on this sales page.)

  • Di is really great at running community and so you’ll often see her chatting in our Discord group.

  • She’s been running a home-based bakery business since 2013 and also knows what it feels like to be completely burnt out with social media.

  • These days she’s navigating the life transition of being over fifty, having kids going off to college, and dreaming of another career shift. (Or you know, dreaming of not working in general and just having fun plotting overthrowing the patriarchy with her bestie.)

Our Support Crew:

This is a collaborative project and we’re so thankful to have wonderful friends giving us their support.

Tara Swiger

  • Tara is a professional enthusiast and has been running an online business for well over a decade.

  • She is an author, CreativeLive teacher, podcaster, and creator of The Starship — a program that guided makers and artists through building (and improving) the foundations of their businesses. (Fun fact — Di and I originally met in The Starship!) The Starship closed in 2020 but Tara has generously donated to us some of the courses she created for that program.

  • Two years ago she became an overnight mom to 4 kids under 4 years old, a journey that she talks about on her YouTube channel as well as talking about books and gardening, and helping burnt out makers reconnect with joy.

More coming soon!

Subversive Business Society

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